I walk the high wire of life, balancing the pursuit of my passions with living my realities—weaving the arts, both fine and domestic, with a love of language. I am in my heart and formal education a fine artist, who is also a writer, editor, and creative consultant. To me, there is a pulse of creativity in everything, and I enjoy the discovery. Here are three essential facts that shape who I am:  ‘Symbiotic resonance’ is how I like to work.  ‘Symbiotic resonance’ is when a project exceeds my expectations, is mutually beneficial, and coalesces into a creation greater than the whole. It is an organic process of working, the content ripe with potential, and an experience graced by a bit of luck, talent, and compatibility. It’s the mix that transforms everything! I often do my best work away from my desk.I work intuitively and allow ideas to percolate. To capture my best thoughts as I move through the day, I write them down wherever I am and as soon as I can. Bird Love Sometimes I’m too caught up in my passion for birds to attend to my passion for words—raising chickens and turkeys—but in the end, I get it all done! Birds are my greatest teachers: they teach me about balance, boundaries, how to stay grounded and take flight; they help me navigate life and feed the core of my work. Bird love is how I find my daily bearings; with bird love, I am never lost. Have I piqued your interest? Would you like to know more? Reach out! I welcome your inquiry.